The 10 Loudest Speakers and Subwoofers in the World

By Sammy Said

How do you measure sound? Experts say that the standard unit of measurement for sound levels is the dB scale. The scale, however, is much more complicated than you think. A dB level that is merely three notches higher is actually already twice as powerful. A normal person’s threshold of noise is around 125 dB. A full blast rock metal concert can go up to 130 dB, which is the same level as if you were standing right beside a full-running jet engine. At 135 dB, one can actually feel a slight cooling sensation in the air. At 140 dB, the throat and the vocal chords start to vibrate involuntarily. At 142 dB, even the chest starts to pound. Once it reaches 148 dB, the sound level becomes extremely uncomfortable and even painful. At 150 dB, one can feel a sensation similar to drowning. If it gets to 155 dB, even the body’s core starts to shake. Three notches later at 158, you can feel intense nausea because of the violent vibration. Eardrums will probably rupture at 190 dB. At 198 dB, the sound gets so intense that it can actually cause death. So think long and hard before trying a really loud speaker. If you are daring enough, the following can knock your socks off. Here are the 10 loudest speakers and subwoofers in the world.

10. Competition Pro TL-2691

While the TL-1691 is the strongest 6×9 coaxial speakers, the TL-2691 is the most powerful 6×9 speakers, period. It can also produce up to 2,000 watts but at a slightly stronger 580 watts RMS per pair. The TL-2691 has a sensitivity of 92.01 dB. Its precision engineering and extended excursion ensures music accuracy and clearer output. It also has a vented air induction pole piece to allow for fast reflex to bass sounds and to enhance the efficiency of the coil. Distortion is also minimized even at a high sensitivity output.

9. Tech TRW

The Tech TRW makes use of a device that looks like the blades of an electric fan. This allows it to modulate the speed and frequency, which can get as low as 1 Hz. This is similar to a nuclear explosion, jet engine or plate tectonic earthquakes. It is already being modified so that it can be used specifically for vehicles.

8. Royal Device

The Royal Device can produce up to 110 dB sound level. It is made up of 16 woofers measuring 9.5 meters long each. The sound is focused on the capability of the speakers and not on the electric power output of the amplifiers.

7. Paradigm Sub 1 Subwoofer

The Sub 1 subwoofer is a product of the Canadian based manufacturer called Paradigm. The Sub 1 utilizes six drivers that measure eight inches in diameter each. These are designed to deliver up to a total of 1,700 when used on a continuous power basis. Its capability can be doubled to a total of 3,400 watts when used on a peak power basis. The Sub 1 can self equalize, meaning it can adjust to the needs of the size of a room. It also offers voltage detection. The product also includes an uninterruptible power supply and a monitor for power consumption. It is sold for more than $5,300.

6. Paradigm Sub 2 Subwoofer

The Sub 2 is a subwoofer from the audio manufacturer called Paradigm. It makes use of a total of six low distortion drivers measuring 10 inches it can hit 7 Hz frequencies with an output of 112 dB at 10 Hz and an even more impressive 126 dB at 60 Hz. The Sub 2 can deliver 4,500 watts on a continuous power basis. If used at peak power, it is capable of producing up to 9,000 watts. The Sub 2 can self equalize depending on the requirements of the place. It also includes an uninterruptible power supply, along with a power consumption monitor. It is being sold for more than $11,300.

5. Kicker Solo X Subwoofer

The Kicker Solo X is a kind of subwoofer that makes use of cones with a diameter of 18 inches. This subwoofer beast is capable of producing up to 10,000 watts.

4. Was 3000 by Wyle Laboratories

The Was 3000 by Wyle Laboratories can produce a level of sound up to 165 dB. The speaker’s output is 30,000 watts. This was created primarily to make noise. Using a technique called airstream modulation, it pushes away nitrogen and compressed air through different holes in its system. This allows puffs of air to act as a modulator. This low frequency noise reduction technology can be used in big sites like airports. As a matter of fact, it is being used at the airport in Baltimore/Washington. It also has a military use as it can be utilized to simulate battlefield scenarios.

3. Matterhorn by Danley Sound Labs

The Matterhorn is made up of 40 drivers that help create a virtual wall made of sound. It is capable of 40,000 watts of amplification. It makes use of 1,100 feet of 12 gauge cable and 23 pounds of .003 welding wire. The whole thing is powered by 40 amplifiers capable of producing 1,000 watts each. It even has its own built in generator.

2. 9918Z by Digital Designs

The 9918Z by Digital Designs can go up to as much as 180.5 dB through its 18 inch subwoofer. Four Stetsom KD amplifiers capable of producing a total of 26,000 watts power the speaker.

1. The 60-inch Subwoofers

The 60-inch subwoofers built by Richard Clark, David Navone and Mark Eldridge can produce a sound level equivalent to 188 dB. It is like having more than 160 ten-inch woofers. The diameter of the actual is 54 inches and it moves six inches from peak to peak when used under full-tilt output. It has a motor that can produce more than 6,000 pounds of linear force. The 188 dB can be reproduced if the appropriate displacement and containment can be created.

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