A bullet that can start Its own Search and Destroy operation

You can run, but you can’t hide. This might be the idea that the people who invented this bullet had in mind. This modern bullet can easily change its course when it leaves the barrel of a gun. The United States military research team is credited for coming up with this multi-directional bullet. A US military personnel can shoot at the enemy even without seeing them. The bullet will find them wherever they are hidden. This new invention has a lot of terrorists worried, especially ISIS.

These types of bullets used to be only seen in the movies. However, this particular piece of movie science has been brought into the real world. This information was reported by the Daily Mail and if this information can be confirmed, this invention will increase the capabilities of the US military to eradicate the terrorists.  The snipers will have a field day shooting at their enemy targets no matter where they stay concealed. A test has been made already using a .50 caliber sniper bullet.

Snipers will be able to do their job faster and with greater accuracy. They can escape immediately after shooting the enemy knowing that it’s going to hit the target. The enemy won’t even know what hit him or where the shooter is hidden. Information gathered from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) revealed that the system is a combination of a couple of advanced technologies working together. First of these is the bullet changing direction while in midair. Second is the real-time guidance system responsible for keeping track of the bullet. This in turn will allow the guidance system to manipulate the direction of the bullet. It will also keep the bullet on track, keeping it away from anything that may derail it from the intended target.

The only danger here is if the enemy can get hold of the technology and use it against our own soldiers.

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  • "The only danger here is if the enemy can get hold of the technology and use it against our own soldiers"
    Во во! И я о том же! На каждую хитро... затычку найдётся ... со штопором!

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