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Marijuana is about to go kosher!

For those of you with knowledge of the Torah, it is not forbidden for followers to smoke marijuana. However, weed edibles is a different story.

It is not shunned by rabbi’s or the Jewish community because many of their leaders acknowledge the potential for its use in treatments. This is in itself a direct relation to the Jewish law of taking care of one another.

Currently, New York’s program allows indigestible marijuana use for patients that suffer from cancer, epilepsy and M.S. Due to this rule, they are only allowed to use oils, pills or food and drink.

New York will soon allow those affected with illnesses to partake in the use of medical marijuana, but only edible medical marijuana as the bill being passed still prohibits the smoking of medical marijuana. The Orthodox Union released a statement earlier in the week saying that they will help marijuana distributors and suppliers to make kosher weed edibles. Says Rabbi Moshe Elefant, “We are only certifying marijuana used in medicine, not recreational marijuana.” This is because recreational use has the potential of being a sin, anti-mitzvah because the use of weed to get high is not the same thing as using marijuana to relieve pain.

The reason the Orthodox Union is stepping in for the use of kosher edibles is because initially, the marijuana will be kosher as it is grown, uninhibited by other products or materials. But once the weed is processed or ingredients are added, there is a high potential for non-kosher ingredients to enter the mix and this poses a problem to the union.

The number of distributors contacting Rabbi Moshe and the Orthodox Union are growing, as they see the massive market potential in New York.

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